RETANOL® screed.

The best choice you can make.

RETANOL® XTREME. Extremely resilient and resistant.

Works in extreme cold conditions at extreme altitudes or in hot conditions and high humidity.

RETANOL® screed. Transparently clean.

Nothing to complain about. Certified by TÜV and harmless to health.

RETANOL® screed. Nobody else has that many good reasons.

33 extremely hard reasons for RETANOL® screed.

PCT Chemie. Corporation for the best screed.

Retanol® without screed?

RETANOL® screed is the premium system from a series of high performance screeds, first-rate service, TÜV certified specialist companies paired with tough benefits for the builder and archite


The screed elite

The RETANOL® community is Europe's largest screed network: concentrated power due to 627 certified RETANOL® specialist companies in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

RETANOL® community

Building with the best

Who is building with us? The best. Leading architects and building contractors rely on RETANOL® screed. Residential and house building, representative commercial and industrial construction.


RETANOL® guarantees

Premium is only offered by RETANOL® screed: Guaranteed workability and screed quality, written screed release, release from and assumption of liability as well as 10 years warranty.

Our services

0m2RETANOL® screeds have been laid
since their market launch in 2005.


Market and technological leader

To this day RETANOL® screed is considered a pioneer and serves as a standard for others. A high expertise and a strong bond with the trade screed will leave this status unchanged.

10 years warranty

Sounds awesome, we know. We still do it. PCT assumes the warranty for 10 years on approved and monitored sites.

Readiness for floor covering exactly to the day

You determine right at the planning stage when the floor covering work should begin. With this in view the planning is laid out and RETANOL® screed is set up. Then automatically and without delay the approval will be granted exactly to the day.