For 100% success: RETANOL® screed system

This is how construction time can be gained

The question is not: What is RETANOL® screed? The question is: What is screed without RETANOL®? Because RETANOL® is far more than just a product. RETANOL® screed is system with specialised high-tech products, services and TÜV certified RETANOL® specialist companies. RETANOLs® function as a benchmark for others and are market leader for cementitious special screed and rapid screed systems.

PCT Chemie is the only screed producer on the market who guarantees the technical properties of their products and assumes full liability for up to EUR 5 million for each individual construction site.

In this unique system in the screed market, technology, know-how and services are perfectly interconnected. This includes material procurement, selection of a suitable cement type, installation of the screed by a TÜV certified RETANOL® specialist company. Furthermore, technical support, sample extraction, documentation of the grading curve and quality with pressure and flexural load tests as well as meticulous and therefore exact approval measurements of the screed surfaces, written screed approval including assumption of liability and 10 years of guarantee. And last of all the documentation of the services delivered in the floor passport.

The result: RETANOL® screed works. Full stop. It consolidates fast and unaffected by temperature and air humidity. 


RETANOL® screed is walkable and heatable after 24 hours, loadable after 48 hours and ready for covering as of 72 hours. No rewetting. No shrinkage. No concave deformation.

Three, five, seven, 14 or 21 days – the readiness for floor covering of RETANOL® screed can be prepared for the construction schedule, exactly to the day. For comparison: A normal 60 mm screed has to dry for up to ten weeks.
With a significant reduction in construction time RETANOL® can save up to 1-3% of building costs.

RETANOL® is the only screed with a guaranteed workability and quality grade. PCT is the only screed manufacturer who confirms the high quality of their products with a written screed approval, exemption from liability, 10 years guarantee and assumption of liability up to 5 mio. for each construction site. In short: The RETANOL® screed system relieves you as a planner, general contractor, property developer, construction manager or floor layer of any liability risk or risk of claims.

RETANOL® heated screed conducts heat up to 50 % better than plaster and/or anhydrite screed. The thermal conductivity of the screed is the key to residential comfort and energy efficiency. Because underfloor heating systems can only give their best if they have the correct temperatures and team partners.

RETANOL® screed has a dense material structure with a low content of air voids. This gives the screed an excellent thermal conductivity, ensures a fast response time and guarantees an optimised heat transmission. In addition to that with RETANOL® screed 30% lower structural heights are possible. Depending on the RETANOL® screed product the thickness can be reduced to 35, 30 or even 20 mm above the pipe coupled with a high stability.

RETANOL ESTRICH, Moleküle-Darstellung, Gitter, Festigkeit, Härte



square metres of RETANOL® screed have been installed since its introduction in 2005. Without a single complaint.


PCT has carried out 15,531 CM measurements in 2021. For the safety of all parties involved.


4,779 RETANOL® construction sites have been authorised by PCT Chemie merely in 2021.


629 certified RETANOL® specialist companies ensure maximum reliability in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.