Retanol Rapid 511, EKA und VIWA

Faster to the workability. 

Retanol screeds are tension-free high performance cementitious screeds with low shrinkage. Subject to the chosen dosage Retanol Rapid 511 offers a guaranteed workability after just 3 days and Retanol Rapid EKA and VIWA after 5 days

As a high-tech product Retanol screeds offer maximum quality, very good processing features and a particularly high laying performance. Reaching your desired workability precisely for tiles, parquet, laminate and carpet will be guaranteed

Application areas:

  • internal and external, also usage without top layer
  • for continuously wet areas
  • for accelerated hardening bonded screeds
  • for screeds on separation or insulation layer
  • for energy-saving heating screeds
  • as a repair mortar for concrete floors and cement screeds

Retanol Rapid is compliant with CEM I and CEM II according to DIN EN 197. Only cements that are approved by PCT are allowed to be used.


  • Guaranteed, workability after 3 days
  • long processing time despite short hardening time
  • suitable for pumping even at high temperatures
  • First-class surface properties
  • reduced air pore contents
  • extremely high early strengths
  • almost independent of temperature and humidity
  • walkable after 1 day and loadable after just 3 days
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