Nippon SZ

NIPPON SZ is levelling the laying surface.

Nippon SZ is especially suitable for the production of cement bonded styrofoam levelling fillers and offers excellent processing features, as well as a very high laying performance.

Application areas:

  • easy, fast drying level adjustment in old and new buildings
  • good embedding of pipes and installation parts on the raw ceiling
  • as a levelled surface for impact sound insulation
  • ideal building material for attic enlargements
  • optimum filler for dead floor and vaulted ceilings
  • foundation for the subsequent laying of natural-stone and composite-stone surfaces in the mortar bed as well as for dry screed systems
  • frost protection layer inside the soil (e.g. below pavings)
  • heat-insulating inclined wedge

Nippon SZ is compliant with CEM I and CEM II according to DIN EN 197. Only cements that are approved by PCT are allowed to be used.


  • high strengths and early strengths
  • clearly improved cohesion between cement and styrofoam
  • stable and loadable surface
  • applicable after 48 hours at 200mm layer thickness
  • long processing time despite short hardening time
  • suitable for pumping even with high temperatures
  • for continuously wet areas
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