The first cement developed exclusively for screeds.

ESZET No.1 has been developed as the first and only cement with a water reducing compound especially for use as a screed cement.   

With its special composition, the use of selected raw materials and the guaranteed quality that is proven with constant testings, ESZET No.1 offers excellent and high-class results with any type of cement screed.

Application areas:

ESZET No.1 is ideal for producing cement screeds of any type.  For instance as a bonded screed on a separation layer, on an insulation layer, on a floor heating system and in continuously wet areas.


  • selected, high-grade raw materials
  • constantly high quality
  • high early strengths
  • stable and firm surface with homogeneous structure
  • good water retention
  • improved drying out protection of the fringes
  • low shrinkage, fewer shrinking cracks, fewer curling
  • ESZET No. 1 is available nationwide

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