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Building chemistry yes, risk no.

All PCT products are one hundred percent ecologically harmless and no risk to health either during processing or with the  finished screed. In short terms this means that neither the workers at the construction site will be in danger of any harmful evaporations nor the later users of the building. This is also confirmed by regular testings for harmful substances, executed by the state trade institute of Bavaria (LGA).

The production of environmentally friendly and resource saving products is a major part of our corporate identity. It begins with the extraction of raw materials, continues with state of the art, highly energy efficient manufacturing plants and by no means stops at recyclable packaging. Because what ever we do, we do it the way that you expect of a technology leader.

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you and retanol.



Retanol screeds are tension-free high performance cementitious screeds with low shrinkage that will surpass your expectations in every way.

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