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The Retanol screed for processors.

As a processor using Retanol screed, an excellent cement screed is at your disposal that you can always count on and one that you can highly recommend to your customers. This is because Retanol has unique properties that we, as a technology leader,  guarantee and with which we can avoid screed failings like cracks, curling and shrinkage.

The particular high efficiency of Retanol, the guaranteed, accurate, desired workability, its biological safety and its energy-saving effects when using under floor heating systems are further properties that will pay off for you as a screed layer. Additionally we will accept any liability for all of our products. Not only for 5 but for 10 years.

Retanol screed – Benefits at a glance.

  • internal and external, also usage without top-coating
  • for accelerated hardening bonded screeds
  • for screeds on separation or insulation layer
  • for energy-saving heating screeds and in continuously wet areas
  • almost independent of temperature and humidity
  • almost no shrinkage, no curling or cracks
  • long processing time despite shorter hardening time
  • improved surface properties
  • reduced air pore contents
  • extremely high early strengths
  • walkable after approx. 1 day, loadable after 3 days
  • workable with tiles, parquet, laminate and carpet, subject to chosen dosage after just 3 days

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you and retanol.



Retanol screeds are tension-free high performance cementitious screeds with low shrinkage that will surpass your expectations in every way.

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