Guarantee. Guaranteed.

Important things first: If desired, PCT will accept any liability for Retanol screeds and indemnifies planners, screed layers and top surface layers against any liability.
You might ask why other competitors are not willing to do this too. But it is equally certain that not only we do trust in the unique properties and the unmatched high quality of Retanol but also the Bavarian insurance association which accepts our liability with a corresponding insurance. For a good reason: since Retanol screeds have been laid, there has not been a single case of damage. That will not change in the future. Guaranteed.

Benefits at a glance.

  • total supervision of the construction site
  • guaranteed workability
  • flawless handover of the screed
  • Indemnification against liability for: architects, construction managers, screed layers, surface layers
  • Acceptance of the liability for the workability and approved quality by PCT with a deposited insurance in accordance with the insurance certificate
  • Extended guarantee from 5 to 10 years

Finished earlier.
More economical.

Guaranteed workability.
Best quality. no damages.



Retanol screeds are superior to other cement screeds and screed additives – in the application, the effect and in the result.

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Services and benefits

Besides first-class products, we will support your success with our first-class services and benefits.

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