Cases of damage

Cases of damage – negative report.

There are still significant damages in connection with the craft of screed. And as always with construction damages, a person responsible is hard to find. Consequences are: expert’s reports, lawsuits, costs. Retanol shows a different way. Since the launch of Retanol in 2006 about 22 million square metres of Retanol screed have been laid – damages and events of damage: negative report.
But not enough: if desired we will provide the consultation on  the construction site and will also accept any liability. Not only for 5 but for 10 further years.

Loss statistics

  • PCT: 0,00Euro amount of loss

Finished earlier.
More economical.

Guaranteed workability.
Best quality. no damages.



Retanol screeds are superior to other cement screeds and screed additives – in the application, the effect and in the result.

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Services and benefits

Besides first-class products, we will support your success with our first-class services and benefits.

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