Energy-saving screed

Same heating output, higher room temperature.

Lower heating costs are not only a question of heating technology or the insulation of the building shells – screed may also contribute to lower heating costs. This is because the effectiveness of an underfloor heating system is mainly dependent on the thermal conductivity of the screed and its installation heights.

Retanol screeds excel especially by the dense material structure with low air pore contents. This results in an excellent thermal conductivity, a rapid response time of the underfloor heating and ensures an optimal heat transfer. With Retanol lower installation heights of the screed are possible. This cuts heating costs even more, right from the first winter  and on through the whole operational life. A benefit that pays off with larger, as well as smaller building projects, for the environment and also for their building owners.


Mandatory. high-
quality. economical.



Retanol screeds are superior to other cement screeds and screed additives – in the application, the effect and in the result.

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