Cases of damage

Nobody has to be liable for defects that do not exist.

The best opportunity to avoid cases of construction damages is to prevent them right from the start. For the craft screed, there is a very special way: Retanol.

Since launching Retanol back in 2006 about 22 million square metres of Retanol screed have been laid – defects and cases of damage: negative report.
If desired PCT will oversee the screed installation whereby you as a planner or an architect become fully exempted of any liability. Nobody can offer more safety.

Loss statistics

  • Approx. 14,000 expert’s reports per annum
  • About 1,400 litigations per annum
  • Amount of damage: approx. 35,000€ per damage
  • Total damage: approx. 490m€ per annum
  • PCT: 0.00€ amount of damage
  • PCT: no litigations or lawsuits


Mandatory. high-
quality. economical.



Retanol screeds are superior to other cement screeds and screed additives – in the application, the effect and in the result.

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