Planning certainty, Reduction of construction times, Efficiency.

As a leading planner and architect you must take great responsibility – with Retanol screeds this load becomes much less. This is because Retanol screeds offer unique and considerable benefits, benefits that make the craft screed to be a safe, reliable and scheduled factor in your projects. The extremely high quality, the guaranteed workability to the day just 3 days after installing the screed and the accompanying possibility to reduce the construction times are just some of the benefits that Retanol screed provides and differentiates it from the competition and has a positive effect on the efficiency of your projects.

Retanol screed – Your benefits at a glance.

  • From C20 F4 to C60 F8
  • 30 N/mm² are possible after just 48 hours
  • Internal and external, also usage without top layer
  • For accelerated hardening bonded screeds
  • For screeds on separation and insulation layer
  • For energy saving heating screeds
  • Almost independent of temperature and humidity
  • Less shrinkage, no curling and no crack formation
  • Long processing time but short hardening time
  • Hard and stable surface
  • Reduced air pore contents
  • Workable with tiles, parquet, laminate and carpet after 3 days
  • High early strengths, walkable after 1 day and fully loadable after just 3 days
  • Already heatable after 1 day subject to the chosen workability
  • Workability guaranteed on supervised construction sites
  • CM measurements and tests of tensile strengths are included services
  • Written exemption for the workability


Mandatory. high-
quality. economical.



Retanol screeds are superior to other cement screeds and screed additives – in the application, the effect and in the result.

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