The PCT Group of companies that includes six further subsidiaries was founded in 1991.

PCT is an autonomous research and development company which is also affiliated to an American group of companies with branches in New York & Los Angeles that works in cooperation with universities and research institutes on the development of new building chemical products and their distribution.

In 1996 deficits in the products already available on the market were analyzed clearly. Following that, by means of a European network of highly educated engineers and competent partners such as building processors, manufacturers of building chemical products, professors and universities, new research goals were defined.

Top priority was given to developing products that eliminate fundamental problems, improve the processing, ensure absolute reliability and offer an excellent cost-effectiveness.

In the field of floor systems we were able to develop the group of Retanols that showed unprecedented features from the beginning and delighted architects, planners, general contractors and screed layers.

Nowadays PCT Performance Chemicals GmbH guarantees the effectiveness of its products that is also characterized by sustainability and biological safety.

Milestones of PCT and associated companies


  • Modification and development of high performance condensers for concrete, the so-called PCEs


  • Development of shrinkage reducers


  • Development of hydratation accelerators for shotcrete
  • Implementation of a manufacturing-plant for special syntheses, Location


  • Development of plaster additives to produce renovation and refurbishment plasters according to WTA
  • Construction of the manufacturing-plant for PCEs with 2 reactors at our location 2


  • Extension of the syntheses-plant to a total of million litres in annual output
  • Development of our Retanols
  • Development of stable plasters with absorptive undergrounds


  • Development of flowable fillers


  • Development of PCEs for the manufacturing of cementitious flowing screeds


  • Development of highly elastic tile adhesives   


  • Implementation of the manufacturing-plant at our 3rd location


  • Development of Risols and Plastizicers


  • Launch of our Retanols


  • Launch of our Risols and Plastizicers


  • Development of Retanol EKA and VIWA
  • Implementation of the conversion-plant at our 4th location


  • Development of our cement ESZET and of our alumina cement Perment in cooperation with the DEG Deutsche Estrich Gesellschaft


  • Development of Retanol Xtreme
  • Expansion of the conversion-plant up to 7 million litres in annual output


  • Development of Retanol Xthinn for pipe coverings from 20mm
  • Implementation of a new spray dryer for powder products

PCT Performance

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Retanol screeds are tension-free high performance cementitious screeds with low shrinkage that will surpass your expectations in every way.

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Besides first-class products, we will support your success with our first-class services and benefits.

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