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The product portfolio of PCT includes unique products to improve the features of screed and to produce special cements, as well as chemical additives for fillers, tile adhesives and lime cement plasters.


In the field of screeds our innovative group of products, the RETANOLS, gives unique high-quality results. RETANOL avoids typical screed shortcomings and greatly enhances the compressive, flexural and surface strengths. RETANOL screed can  be processed very well and enables a safe workability of the screed after just three days.


As an expert for cementitious systems, PCT for instance delivers products for the manufacturing of special cements that can be configured for thin sheeted systems. Essential benefits are for example the constantly high, tested quality, low water consumption and high early strength.

Dry Mortar

As a partner and a supplier to the industry, PCT has over the years gained an excellent reputation and provides the chemical additives which give products such as fillers, tile adhesives and lime cement plasters of notable brands their exceptional features

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Retanol screeds are tension-free high performance cementitious screeds with low shrinkage that will surpass your expectations in every way.

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Besides first-class products, we will support your success with our first-class services and benefits.

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