PAKAD - Training at the highest level

The aim: comprehensive knowledge and know-how.

When it comes to training with regard to screed, PAKAD, the PCT Academy, is the first choice for screed layers and for architects.

The PCT academy offers an exclusive opportunity for screed layers, architects, as well as related occupational groups to further expand their existing knowledge and know-how. And not just theoretically, but also in practical applications. The best speakers in the industry are available: Prof. Dr. Rapp, Volker Wagner, Bernhard Friedrich, Ralf Waiblinger – to name just a few.

Presently PAKAD offers a total of 7 modules. The modules last for several days and are coordinated in terms of content. They provide deep insights into the relationships of the crafts screed, top surface and architecture. PAKAD participants secure themselves a decisive competitive advantage with the acquired know-how.

the PCT Academy.

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At PCT a team of 15 highly educated, lateral thinking, tireless experts research and develop new and pioneering products.

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